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“We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending.” —Zig Ziglar

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Anger Counselling

Anger happens to us all in some form and intensity. It is there to keep us safe from threats, and is a great cover for emotions that make us feel vulnerable. Some folks express their anger outward – loud voice, yelling, physically breaking objects- and some express their anger inward – negative self-talk, harm to self, and shutting down. 

Anger can be really helpful to show your boundaries are being pushed, or when you need to make sure someone hears you tell them to be aware of the danger present. Anger isn’t helpful however when it is getting you in trouble at work, in your relationships, and has you feeling pretty crappy about yourself after you’ve been angry. 

If this is how anger is showing up for you, it probably isn’t working for you the way you want it to anymore. Thankfully, there are lots of things that can be done to help you have a better relationship with your thoughts and emotions, and a better way in how you express them, so that anger is no longer causing you problems. 

50 Minute Session  $135.00

80 Minute Session  $200.00


Anger causes problems at work, in your relationships, and with how you feel about yourself. It takes over how you talk, how you act, and has really intense urges. You don't have to keep feeling this way. If you want to feel more in control and relaxed, working on your anger is a great place to start.

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In-person sessions available in Chilliwack

Our relationship is key in developing a supportive space for you during our time together. You deserve quality service and treatment, which is why I start off with a free 15-minute consultation so you have all of your questions answered and we can see if we’re a good fit! Click here for more information about me, my perspective, and the therapeutic relationship.

Step 1

When you arrive to your first appointment, I create a plan with you on how to support you best, with considerations of time and financial limitations.  


Step 2

Together, we find best solution for you

I provide psycho-education around topics we discuss, encourage practicing skills learned in sessions, and various training taught in-session.

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