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Self Guided Mental Health Courses & Downloadable Resources

After working in the field of mental health and wellness for nearly a decade, I’ve really come to learn how limited your time and money can be towards healing your mental health. Counselling requires some investment; of time and of money, and these courses were designed to minimizing the cost to you, while maximizing the benefit to your mood, health, and headspace.

I have asked myself repeatedly, how can I support folks just like you when you don’t have the time or financial capabilities to get the support you need?

My hope is that if you were able to learn a set of skills that could help you get through your day on your own (through these courses), that it might allow your more financial support towards attending counselling sessions to heal with the route cause of your concerns quicker – and with less money out of your pocket in the end.

So I developed these courses for you to learn the skills you need to manage the stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and anger you are experiencing right now from the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you, and for a cost that is less than one counselling session fee. The amount you will learn from this course is equivalent to 6 or more counselling sessions, and you get to learn them at your own pace, on your own time, from the comfort of your space. 

This variety of mini, self-paced, online Crash Courses in a variety of mental health topics are here to help you at any time of the day or night, when you need them. Additionally, there are some downloadable handouts and worksheets to help in the immediate moment.

All of these materials were developed after years of working with folks who needed something to work for them RIGHT NOW, not in a few weeks, months, or years from now. I built these options so that folks could spend more time in therapy fixing what causes these concerns to come up, instead of building these skills first and then run out of money or time to continue on.

Wondering if there is something that might help?

Take a read through the next set of questions to see if any of these situations pertain to you. If yes, I hope that one of the options  available below is something you are in need of. 

Are you finding yourself struggling with your mental health?

Not sure where to start for help?

Have you taken courses for mental health before and need a refresher?

For our Crash Course mini series, these courses are a variety of mental wellness topics. They are quick and easy overviews of what these concerns are, with some skills that can help.

For our downloadable files, these are provided to help you get, some immediate skills to help quiet your mind, allow you to breathe a bit, and help you to focus and figure out what you need next.

Self-Guided Mental Health Courses

  • Crash Course in Mindfulness

    by devan
    8 Lessons
    • Mindfulness Course Sale Price - $27.00
    white piece of paper in the window that reads mindfulness

    Focusing our attention to the present moment is the greatest skill we can ever do for ourselves and our mental health. Come learn 5 ways to bring your attention back to this moment, and leave the past and future where they are for a moment.

  • Crash Course in Grief

    by devan
    7 Lessons
    • Grief Course Sale Price - $27.00
    statue of someone sitting curled up

    Navigating grief is the loneliness and rawest form of feeling our feelings we can ever experience. These are the best 5 things you can do to help you as your grieve.

  • Crash Course in Anger

    by devan
    7 Lessons
    • Anger Course Sale Price - $27.00

    Seeing red? Feeling irritable, or find yourself snapping at others? Let me help you build the skills you need to keep your job, your relationships, and overall feel better in your day to day life.

  • Crash Course in Depression

    by devan
    6 Lessons
    • Depression Course Sale Price - $27.00
    scrabble tiles reading depression on an angle downward

    Struggling with motivation, low mood, and overall lack of desire in life? This crash course in depression is designed to help you move from this experience and live the life you want to live.

  • Crash Course in Stress

    by devan
    6 Lessons
    • Stress Course Sale Price - $27.00
    man leaning up against a wall with many postits covering his face and wall with tasks written on each.

    A crash course in stress - why we need it, and how to make it work for us. 7 helpful tips on how to make stress work for you!

  • Crash Course in Anxiety

    by devan
    8 Lessons
    • Anxiety Course Sale Price - $27.00

    My 5 favourite and best used skills to learn that will help you manage your anxiety - helping your anxiety be less intense and hopefully less frequent.

Free Downloadable Mental Health Resources!

Email me for a copy at – 

1. Top 5 Needs to Survive Grief

2. How To Conquer Your Mental Health

3. Mastering Balance – 5 Skills To Conquering Anxiety and Anger

Overall, if you practice any of the skills, you are off to a great start to mental wellness, and a different experience than you might be having right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Probably not. But it can help you in the moment and in stressful situations.

 Also no. The skills in these courses are skills that you will want to practice on a regular, or daily basis to help your brain learn new thinking and behaviour patterns. With practice over time, things will feel much more manageable and maybe even easier. At that point, you might be able to practice them less often. I would encourage anyone who uses these skills to never stop using them completely though, as mental health concerns can come back at any time if we aren’t taking care and maintaining our mental wellbeing.

Maybe? It really depends on what it is you are struggling with. If it is a new experience of a common mental health concern, it might be enough for you to manage for a while on your own, and if it is ongoing, or highly impactful, you might be best to connect with a counsellor to help you on a one to one basis.

Absolutely yes! If you have been struggling for a while, or quite deeply, these skills are going to be very useful to help you get into see a counsellor, and could even help you save time and money in your therapy journey. See many of these skills would be things you might need to learn right away in therapy prior to beginning your healing of the deep-rooted concerns you have. By coming entering into therapy with these skills already on board, you will get to spend your money and time more wisely on the next streps in the therapy process.

I hope that as you go through any of the course(s), or use these downloadables, you are able to find something that will work for you when you need it, that you use it; and that it helps you live life how you want to live it.

Do you want to learn more, or want further support? Contact me here

If you are looking for some free, easy-to-implement skills and suggestions, send me an email @ and let me know which of the handouts you would like! I’m happy to share all I can with you to help you feel well.

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